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The goals that were

Yes, this is a post about goals. The ones I set at the beginning of 2019 but before I start writing this piece, let me just say I used to hate goal setting, in fact when I wrote these goals, I still hated goal setting. The only reason wrote them down was because at the …

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One small moment

It really was one small moment. At least that’s the way it seems now. After eight years, it seems miles behind me, but it was this one moment that set me on the trajectory I am on now. When I initially wrote ‘what happened to my 20s?’ I forgot to write about it because that …

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I got lost

Just for a small while. You know that age old saying ‘Out of the frypan and into the fire’? Well that’s what I did. In this situation I went from a job that I couldn’t stand to one that I love but gave too much to. I chose to give too much of my time, …

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The Day I Turned 30

I was in labour. That’s right, in labour. If you think that’s bad enough, well I was in my third day of labour! I remember when the ultrasound and all the test said that our baby was due somewhere around the 1st of October, I just knew that this baby would share my birthday. I …

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