About me.

The artist, the creative and everything else in between.

Sort of.

If you haven’t had a look around, then it might not be clear and if you have had a squiz already there might be a chance that you’re thinking ‘I don’t quite get why all of this here. How does it all relate?’

Allow me to explain.

The what.

The artist inside me wanders from idea to idea, exploring materials, techniques and so much more. I work with various mediums from graphite to oil paints,  creating fine art works full of personal ideas to intricate commissions for my beautiful customers. As a self taught artist, I live in a world of blissful ignorance which allows me to explore the art world freely. Hence why you will see me working with many materials, techniques and styles. 

Creativity has no limits and so it feels natural for me to write as an extension of myself as a creative person. This is my story about the art I create, the life I live and a multitude of other things, in both the visual and written form.

 A few examples of what type of articles you will find here are to do with Mindset, Mental Health, Gratitude, all things art related…Techniques, Materials and Inspiration.

At times I may write about experimenting with a new medium in my art, then switch to writing about how, right now, I am obsessed with becoming disciplined, acceptance and inner peace. You may relate to some and not to others and that is more than okay.

This is simply an exploration of my life as a curious, creative and at times an impatient person.

The why.

Am I an artist or a writer? Do I do both or keep them separate? These are the questions I would ask myself over and over again,  however I am not one without the other. I realised that I could not write about acceptance, if I was not willing to accept who I was.

I’m on this incredible journey as an artist, a writer and a human being. I am constantly learning about myself, what I am capable of as an artist and as a person. I must say, it feels incredible! There is this sense of peace within myself that I am discovering as I get older and I push to do what truly makes me dance. 

When I first started writing, I only wrote for myself and I still do. This is a documentation of my life and my learnings, however I am in this place of contentedness that is truly wonderful and I hope that sharing my journey with the everyone else will help other’s to accept who they and grow in the best way. Of course, I am just a fallible human being and there are many obstacles (mostly mental) but that is one of the most beautiful things in life because how can we grow and become better versions of ourselves if we do not have the occasional (or even often) hiccup?

If all that I do and share creatively were to inspire even just one person to also find that peace within themselves then my day is made.