What I do

In six short (very short) paragraphs.

The Artist

Oh, this is my life. I live for this. There are not enough hours in the day for creating artwork. Seriously with all the mediums I want to use and learn about together with the multitude of ideas swimming in my head, there are just not enough hours.

From pencil, to watercolour, pastels, to oils and acrylics. I work with them all.

It is much better seeing what I do than me writing about it!

The Writer

I say my artwork is an extension of who I am. Being a writer is simply an extension of being a creative individual.

My passion for living a healthy life, learning and growing as a human being and building a positive mindset is nothing short of obsessive at times.

I have a story as does everyone else, this is where I share mine. Maybe along this journey I will learn about yours.